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How to repair an overhead automatic garage door

download (3)Many homes in Australia have an overhead automatic garage door. For the most part, these are an excellent way to manage your access to your garage. However, they can be a real problem if they fail. Overhead doors are extremely popular with homeowners who use their vehicles on a regular basis, and are preferable to manual doors, which require the driver to get in and out of the car in order to secure the garage. The garage door can fail regularly, and this is a problem that many garage owners have to face. There are a number of little issues which can develop through regular use of the door, but if you want to repair an automatic garage door like this, there are some simple troubleshooting techniques you can use.

Doors won’t open with remote

If you have a garage door with an automatic action, then you will clearly have a remote control. The majority of issues which occur with the overhead door are likely to result from problems with the controller. Of these issues, battery failure is a problem that is easy to resolve and that can be spotted without having to call in the experts. The way to check whether your garage door problem is caused by the remote control is by using the manual switch on the door. If the door operates using the manual switch, then the problem will lay with yourgarage door remotes. Gold Coast garage owners can choose to replace the remote control battery first in order to test whether this is the issue and they may also need to reprogram their remote control in order to have it match the code on the door. For more advice about using these openers, you need to consider talking to door repair experts.

Door refuses to open

If you find that the garage door refuses to open despite all of your best efforts, then there are two main issues which can cause problems with overhead automatic garage doors on the Gold Coast. The breaker, which controls the electricity to the garage doors, can burn out all become tripped by electrical storms or a surge of energy. Check the breaker and replace any fuses which have been burnt out. Another problem may be found in the wiring. Check this while you have the breaker switched off, to avoid receiving an accidental shock. Wiring should always be repaired by a garage door specialist.