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Apartment Hunting The Top Considerations

Surprises often come along your way when you move to a new apartment. But you can significantly save yourself from negative surprises like loud neighbors and bugs by considering this list when looking for an apartment.

No matter if you are looking for an apartment for the first time or the fifteenth, there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t get blinded folded by the charm of the hardwood floors and end up signing a lease that makes your life miserable?


Here is a checklist for things to do while hunting for your apartment:

The surrounding area during all hours:

You may be laser focused on finding a new address but try and let your eye wander here and there as you go checking out new places.

  • Are there lots of food joints and bars?
  • Was it difficult to drive there or take a public transport?
  • Is there any intersection or bus stop nearby?

If possible, visit the area during different times of the day, but visit atleast once during the rush hours to see how loud and wild the place gets.

The next big question you ask yourself is ‘Do I feel comfortable and safe here?’

Also, when you get your potential new apartment, don’t forget to check what’s next door.

Check out the common areas:

During your hunt keep a close watch on how well-kept the common areas are.

Not only does it give you an indication of your neighbor’s cleanliness but also a clear indication of how well the management keeps its properties.

Check out the condition of the doors and the windows:

Ensure that all the doors and windows are locked properly. If possible, take a step further to check how energy efficient they can be.

  • Does the exterior door need any sweeps replaced?
  • Is the windows paint drafty?

All these things may not be deal breakers but this will cause you a lot of trouble in the future, it can also be a lot of work when trying to keep your apartment cool or warm.

Check the plumbing:

It is wise to check running of the faucets and flushes in the toilets as they can be indicators of the plumbing condition.

If the toilet flush doesn’t run well or runs for long, you can be end up spending extra money on your water bill.

Also check if the toilets have the shut off valve, does it work or it is rusted shut?

Check the pressure of the shower, how long does it take to heat up and what is the temperature.

All these things if not paid attention today, can affect your convenience.

Listen to the noise level:

Usually when you are hunting for a new dwelling, you are stressed, nervous and excited.

Still it is advised to sit quietly in the master bedroom or the living area of the house and listen to the noises around.


  • Are the neighbors stomping or playing loud music?
  • Do you hear kids screaming or the dogs barking?
  • How is the traffic noise?

Obviously, in this frantic state you may not be able to hear everything but it can give you a sense of the noise environment.

This might not be the most important thing to do but it is still better to check in advance than to be surprised later.