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Be Pleasure On Your Home Living

Let’s face it; you cannot keep everyone happy, no matter whether it is a romantic relationship or your blood relatives. Someone will get upset, even if it was not your intention. Even the best of relationships have conflicts, and by resolving those conflicts, you can form an even stronger bond with each other. However, all this comes with the price of tension and lots of stress, which has a strong affect on one’s happiness and health. Along with the challenges of life, no one has the energy to deal with family drama at home, which is supposed to be their solace. Here are 10 ways you can avoid tension in family relationships.

1.    Be Respectful

It is true that sometimes anger gets the best of us, and transforms us into someone we hardly recognize. But whatever the situation is, anger is not an excuse to disrespect a family member. This will cause contempt in a relationship, which will take forever to repair. It is crucial to respect each other’s feelings, and not to make fun, ignore, call names, or cuss because you are hurt or angry.

2.    Accept Them the Way They Are

We live in a critical society that tells us to point out all that is wrong with others. Instead of addressing and changing the flaws that your family members possess, you need to focus on all that is good about them and value those qualities. When you train your mind to see the good in people, you will not face a difficulty in loving them with all their imperfections.

3.    Raise the Emotional Bank Account

Just as plants needs daily care to grow, your emotional bank account needs affection and love to develop. Appreciation and a few loving words can go long way to boost the deposit, and keep it intact for a long time.

4.    Be assertive

If a certain behavior of your family member is problematic, then it is important that you directly address this in a reasonable way. If you keep ignoring it, it will increase the tension and will lead to aggression and passive-aggressive behaviors. So talk about the issues, instead of thinking about it constantly and holding grudges against them.

5.    Establish Healthy Boundaries

It is normal to be protective of people you love. But no matter how much you want to save them from the harsh realities, there are a few things that they have to learn on their own through real life experiences, in order to survive in this world. So limit yourself to a certain aspect of their lives, and trust them to make rational decisions on their own. If the end result is not positive, they will learn and face the consequences on their own. Therefore, do not try to question their jobs, their computer usage, television time, cellphone communication, or anything that will compromise their privacy.

6.    Stay Energized and Reduce Stress

It is crucial that you prioritize things that require your energy and efforts. If you spend your energy doing insignificant tasks, and do not get time for your family, it will cause lack of communication. This ends with misunderstandings and taken for granted behaviors. On the other hand, when you have a constructive communication pattern with your family you feel less stressed because you know nothing will break you apart.

7.    Personal Wellbeing

To avoid tension, you need to first enhance your emotional intelligence and stop stressing over minor issues. Your mood has the power to influence your interaction with your loved ones. So do things together that make you happy, and recover the underlying passion in the relationship. The efforts need to be from both sides for this to work.

8.    Constructive Communication

If there is a setback in a relationship, find the right words to address them. Do not start the blame game or talk in a general perspective. Address the exact behavior as an example, to change it instantly. Accept your mistakes, and do not hesitate when it comes to apologizing. And remember, finding out what is right is more necessary than who is right.

9.    Proper Anger Management

Half of the problems in the relationship are because of the lack of proper anger management. Anger makes us jump to conclusions, and assume things. Therefore, by managing our anger, we will be able to see the other side of the picture and reason with it, rather than blindly believing it.

10. Subdue Arguments and Conflicts

When you know that the discussion is going nowhere, and only causing more conflicts and troubles, you know it is time for a timeout or a change of topic. A timeout will help you cool off and reflect on the conversation, when you are calm.

These are the ways you can de-stress family relationships. However, if things have gone downhill, and seem irreparable, you know it is time to seek family counseling.